Who is Alfred?

In 1905, Stieglitz opened one of the first photography galleries in an attempt to shift the paradigm thinking around what constituted serious art. This gallery became known as «291» after its address on Fifth Avenue in New York City. In an era long before Twitter or Instagram, Stieglitz managed to unite an impressive community of artists and aficionados, with «291» serving as their hub.

Alfred Stieglitz’s artistic legacy and groundbreaking efforts in promoting the photographic medium have been sources of inspiration since Relonch’s early days. At his gallery, 291, he was known for juxtaposing art of various media and subject matter in an attempt to provoke conversation about photography’s place within the spectrum of artistic media.

His works like The Steerage, which depicts lower-class passengers traveling to Germany from New York on a steamer ship, were hailed as some of the first examples of modernism. In addition to his own work, Steiglitz recognized the significance of early works by artists like Georgia O-Keeffe and displayed them at the 291. His gallery became an influential venue where painters, photographers, and sculptors could view and discuss each other’s work.

Since Stieglitz’s time, there have once again been seismic shifts in how we view photography as an art form. On the one hand, photography now enjoys a ubiquity that Steiglitz could only dream of.

At Relonch, we decided to name our technology in honor of Alfred Steiglitz.