Camera as A service

The high-end camera I bought just sits on the shelf.
I take photos every day with my Relonch.
I still haven’t figured out the settings on my DSLR.
Relonch has ONE BUTTON.


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.

— Steve Jobs
5 NOs on the path to remarkable photos
  • No Screen

  • No Flash

  • No Settings

  • No Zoom

  • No SD Card

No Screen
Only the viewfinder

We’ve removed the screen so that you are not distracted by reviewing photographs, but keep searching and shooting. The viewfinder is the best way to immerse yourself in the shot, especially in bright sunlight.

No Settings
Only one button

Settings and modes are pointless if no one can figure them out. We’ve left one special mode that allows you to shoot confidently under any conditions.

No Flash
Just Natural Lighting

We took away the flash, because a built-in flash kills the picture. We believe that natural lighting, even in low light, makes a photo real, alive, and remarkable.

No zoom
Only the prime lens

Having a zoom is handy. However, a good zoom is heavy, huge, and expensive. Everything else compromises picture quality. We picked the ideal lens for shooting in any conditions. The best way to get a close-up shot is to actually get close.

No SD Card
Only a sim card

With Relonch, there’s no need to transfer your photos from an SD cards. Your camera automatically uploads all images to the Relonch cloud through its built-in SIM card.

I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.

— Steve Jobs
The camera I bought convinced me that I’m not a photographer.
Relonch has unleashed my talent.
My big camera is bulky and unaesthetic.
Relonch fits my style.


We made the camera you want to take with you. Every day.


Full throttle.

Classics are always in style.

Fancy mood. Fancy camera.

Goes wherever you go.

Cool color. Casual style.

Fancy lipstick. Fancy camera.

The most intriguing accessory at the party.

Chocolate goes with everything.

Orange like an orange.

Drive it.

I sold my camera, because my photos looked lame without hours of adjusting.
Relonch photos look the way I pictured them.

It’s not about filters

To us, properly adjusting a picture is like developing film in a darkroom.

A picture should be developed so that it brings back the feelings and experiences you had while shooting it.


When you shoot with a regular camera, the camera sensor digitally captures a raw image. A literal "digital negative".

Pictured Technology

When you shoot with Relonch, you get a fully developed photo. Not a digital negative, but the photo you pictured when you were taking it.

I have a massive photo dump that I never look through.
Relonch keeps only the shots worth keeping.

Anything for remarkable photos

Remarkable photos are ones you want to look at again and again. To admire, share with others, and, most importantly, print.

Tips & Ideas

Our simple tips and tricks will inspire you to take photos that impress with their effortless beauty.

Morning photo delivery

Remarkable or Not Remarkable

Every morning a selection of photos that you shot the day before arrives on your app. YOU decide which ones are truly remarkable and only keep the best of the best.

The inbox zero of photo storage

Photo of the day feed

All the photos that you keep are remarkable. But only one of them gets the title Photo of the Day. To access the rest of your daily photo delivery, just tap your Photo of the Day.

At the end of the year, you’ll have 365 Photo of the day photos — memories, feelings, experiences — to go over.

A year in pictures.

Just Imagine

Christmas Day. The whole family gathers together. You start the Relonch slideshow on the living room screen.

And relive the year, in 15 minutes, one day at a time.

I paid money for a useless device.
I pay only for Remarkable photos. switch to Relonch