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Every photo you take is perfect
with stencils

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Introducing Photo Stencils


Idea for a Photo

An example of a photo you can make through this stencil

Composition Lines

Stencil lines will help you arrange the picture properly

Shooting Position

What pose you should take when shooting through this stencil

Simple Prompt

A few tips to help you make this photo perfect

In each stencil people share interesting composition ideas and tips to take great shots on any occasion.

With stencils it's so easy to take a perfect photo

Pick an occasion to take a photo
Pick an occasion to take a photo
Choose an idea for this very moment
Choose a stencil-idea for this very moment
Take a photo through the chosen stencil
Take a photo through the chosen stencil

Every day more and more people worldwide bookmark and share interesting photo composition ideas to inspire and help each other make perfect photos on different occasions.

Every stencil is a wide variety of different photos

Stencils just guide you in composition and do not put any boundaries to your creativity.

One more thing...

Lighting Conditions Adjustments.

Just pick lighting conditions of the shot and the photo will automatically enhance in accordance with the situation. These are not filters. These are optimal settings.


Photo without limits with Relonch Features.

With Relonch Features you'll be able to save your photos in print quality, create custom stencil folders and offline access to them.

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